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Mark Collins displayed artistic talents from a very young age.  He has polished his skills through years of
hard work and devotion to his trade.  Upon graduation from Chaminade College Preparatory School, he was
recognized for his extraordinary abilities and destined to further hisBeadpens Inventor education.  Mark earned a Bachelor
of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Advertising from the prestigious Drake University. 
Working in various business environments for Fortune 2000 corporations,
Mark has demonstrated his unique ability to substantially increase brand recognition and
 sales through innovative advertising strategies and product presentations. 
 His move to private practice has been most fulfilling.  Mark continues to guide the marketing
campaigns for several major corporations through direct control of all creative processes.

Mark's ability to "think outside the box" led to the creation of the BeadPen.
His discovery of the craftsmanship involved within the bead culture motivated him to
consider alternative display mediums that capture the distinction of the individual artist's work. 
The invention of the BeadPen has elevated bead collecting to a new status with multiple market applications. 
Through the integration of beads into a quality writing instrument, a new idea has produced a
valued keepsake that is cherished by all.

The BeadPen is protected through the rights and privileges of the United State Patent and Trademark Office. 

US Patent No.: 6,612,766 B2

The sale of the BeadPen and related supplies is exclusively managed by the
BeadPen Group L.L.C., St. Louis, Missouri. 

The BeadPen Group appreciates your interest in the BeadPen.  We feel that our products are an extension
of the genius displayed within your own bead creations.  Our goal is to provide innovative designs utilizing
the finest quality materials and workmanship. The BeadPen Group looks forward to working with you and
meeting all of your future inventory needs. 

For additional information, please contact customerservice@beadpens.com

The BeadPen is protected by several US patents. 
US Patent No.: 6,612,766 B2

Copyright 2006 the BeadPen Group L.L.C. All rights reserved. US Patent No.: 6,612,766 B2